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Recharge points

Why do we do it?

The road to mobility in Mallorca goes through electric vehicles. At Inay Energías we are very aware that we’re pioneers in developing the electric infrastructure needs for our clients.

How do we develop it?

At Inay Energías we look at our clients’ particular needs, analysing and developing the recharge point infrastructure needed to provide optimal service.

What do we achieve?

At Inay Energías we aim to move towards a more sustainable world which respects the natural environment. This is why we promote electric mobility, working to provide optimal solutions and place our clients at the forefront of innovation in Mallorca.

Contact Us
C/Gremi de Boneters, 12 local 22
07009 Palma de Mallorca
Telf. 971 90 00 01
Fax. 971 90 00 02
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