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Why do we do it?

Installing underfloor heating in Mallorca has become a great option in the residential sector. An integrated underfloor heating system offers the advantages of an efficient system, such as the comfort afforded by heat distributed throughout the whole installation.

How do we develop it?

We design the underfloor heating system according to need and take the atmospheric conditions of the location fully into account. Additionally, all available products on the market are considered to find the most efficient solution.

What do we achieve?

With an optimal underfloor heating system we achieve the objectives of comfort and efficiency, while always taking the equipment and products available on the market into account such as aerothermics systems which are more efficient and comfortable for these types of systems.

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C/Gremi de Boneters, 12 local 22
07009 Palma de Mallorca
Telf. 971 90 00 01
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