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Why do we do it?

An off-grid solar photovoltaic system is a power generation system, fed by light from the sun, in a place which is not connected to the conventional electrical power grid. These projects are intended to fully meet electrical energy needs using solar panels or accumulating power in batteries.

How do we develop it?

At Inay Energías we study each project’s needs, taking into account all of the consumption values and load which could occur. When developing all of our off-grid projects, we look at our 3 cornerstones:

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Efficiency

What do we achieve?

As company which installs telecommunications, we develop the full range of necessary infrastructure. Proper management of telecom installation projects includes monitoring and security, since these are crucial aspects for any company or business. To take full advantage of them, all of the processes need to be integrated into the same installation package. Network and telecommunications companies are concerned about these parameters serving as a guide in the projects we undertake, as well as satisfying the particular needs of each customer, both for CCTV, sound systems, structured data networks, fibre optic cable installations, CTI installations, maintenance and wifi networks.

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