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Why do we do it?

Inay Energías heads large projects in Mallorca. We believe fire protection is essential for all systems. It saves lives and minimises financial losses produced by the damage caused.

How do we develop it?

As a company specialised in fire protection systems, we custom design each client’s project, taking all of the aspects into account, allowing both the monitoring of the automatic detection of fires as well as measures for preventing them.

What do we achieve?

With the installation of proper fire protection systems, correctly engineered with a solid design and proper installation, all-the-while employing and applying the most technologically advanced solutions on the market, we are able to achieve maximum protection for the installed systems and above all for human safety.

Contact Us
C/Gremi de Boneters, 12 local 22
07009 Palma de Mallorca
Telf. 971 90 00 01
Fax. 971 90 00 02
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