Energy Auditing and Consulting

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  • Electricity consumption
  • Gas consumption
  • Capacitor banks
  • Energy efficiency study
  • Change over to LED lighting

Feníe energía

Why do we do it?

At Inay Energías we have spent many years in Mallorca engaged in energy consulting. Today, parnered with our reseller Fenie Energía, we offer energy consulting, lighting studies, capacitor banks, consumption monitoring and everything which means saving both electricity consumption and gas costs.

How do we develop it?

At Inay Energías we have the best monitoring equipment in order to carry out energy consumption audits producing exceptionally detailed information on a facility’s consumption. With all of the necessary parameters, we undertake a made-to-measure project so our clients can reduce their energy costs.

What do we achieve?

At Inay Energías we understand that energy efficiency is paramount and essential whether for public institutions or the private sector. With the audits carried out by Inay Energías, we achieve the highest standards of efficiency producing the best results leaving our clients highly satisfied.

Contact Us
C/Gremi de Boneters, 12 local 22
07009 Palma de Mallorca
Telf. 971 90 00 01
Fax. 971 90 00 02
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