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At Inay Energías we do CTI installations and we can do projects in any market segment.



  • Residential
  • Small and medium-sized businesses
  • Large corporations
  • Governments

Why do we do it?

The CTI (Common Telecommunications Infrastructure) Technical Project is required for building new buildings or comprehensive restorations (Spanish Royal Decree Law 1/1998). CTI installations are needed to capture, adapt and distribute both land and satellite based television and radio signals to homes and establishments, as well as basic telephone and broadband telecommunication service. A CTI installation can only be done by a certified company.

How do we develop it?

We take care of any needs our clients might have, regardless of the segment or sector they belong to and we adapt the CTI budget to the needs of the client.

What do we achieve?

We have a team of highly qualified professionals with the necessary legal certifications to do the job. Our company is registered in the Spanish Telecommunications Installation Companies Register (Registro de Empresas instaladoras de Telecomunicación) for types A, B, C and F -meeting all the legal requirements for carrying out all of the services we offer.

Contact Us
C/Gremi de Boneters, 12 local 22
07009 Palma de Mallorca
Telf. 971 90 00 01
Fax. 971 90 00 02
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