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Why do we do it?

An air conditioning system is a very important part of a building’s systems, both due to consumption as well as for wellbeing. Controlling and managing it correctly means reducing its consumption down to the lowest possible level. Air conditioning systems consist of creating temperature, humidity and cleanliness conditions which are appropriate for being comfortable in the inhabited areas.

How do we develop it?

A good air conditioning project must take the environmental parameters of the place where the system is to be installed into account. As a company specialising in air conditioning, we know the various equipment solutions available on the market.

Aerothermics is a technology which extracts the majority of the energy needed for it to work from the air temperature, including when that air is at very low temperatures.

What do we achieve?

Systems with aerothermics systems are intended to provide hot water, heating in winter, and refrigeration in summer. At Inay Energías we’re leaders in the air conditioning industry, and with our technical team, we advise our clients based on their specific needs with best choice for them.

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